[HOWTO] Creating and Converting X.509 Certificates with OpenSSL for use in Microsoft Windows (PKCS12)

OpenSSL SAN Certificates

I couple of years ago (back in 2010) I assembled a small document on how to use OpenSSL to create and convert X.509 certificates so Windows can properly recognise and work with them because I tended (and still do) to forget its somehow cryptic usage. This document has been lying around on my computer for […]

Configure NSX Manager backup using the API

If you are running NSX-V in a production environment it is crucial to have recent backups of NSX manager available. The NSX Manager backup settings can be configured either through the webinterface or the RESTful API. This is a short post about some gotchas I was running into while automating the backup configuration of NSX-V […]

Assert and Exception Logging made easy in PowerShell

In this post I would like to present you a way of how to easily perform assertions like error checking and result validation with PowerShell based on an idea of the Microsoft Code Contracts library. We at d-fens spend quite some time writing PowerShell scripts that automate and integrate various backend systems where unforeseen events […]

ODataController throws ‘No NavigationLink factory was found’ when returning a different type in IHttpActionResult

Recently I ran into a strange error when working on an ODataController. On several occasions (especially on CREATE or UPDATE operations) we do not want to return the actual underlying entity of the controller, but instead would like to return an entity that can be used for synchronisation such as a Job. So instead of […]