[HOWTO] Sign PowerShell Script with SuisseID

We at d-fens all have a SuisseID, which can be used for different purposes like authentication and electronical signing purposes. It’s as well possible to sign code with the SuisseID. The advantages of using the SuisseID for code signing are that the SuisseID is a very cheap in comparison to other code signing certificates and […]

GitHub Repository creation with PowerShell

In the last few weeks I had to create several GitHub repositories for my daily work. To simplify the process I automated the creation with PowerShell. I created and initialized the repositories manually until I recognized that this is a perfect task to automate. First I studied the documentation of the GitHub API v3, which […]

Telerik Fiddler – Redirect HTTP(S) requests to track localhost traffic

For debugging network traffic we often use the web debugging tool Telerik Fiddler. When it comes to debugging web applications in development environments that do REST calls to localhost in the background, these calls will not get tracked by Fiddler. In my case I had a LightSwitch application that uses two service references as data […]

[HOWTO] Visualize local Service Bus with Service Bus Explorer

In one of our projects we started using Service Bus for Windows Server 1.1. After the installation and configuration we searched for a tool to visualize the local Service Bus instance (i.e. queues, topics, messages, …). One of the tools that allow such a visualization is Service Bus Explorer. First we downloaded and run the […]