Using CodeContracts with OData Controllers and Web.Api Exception Filters

When writing ODATA controllers for our projects we spend quite some time on writing boilerplate code and input parameter validation. In addition, for our error handling we would like detailed information for internal troubleshooting but not so detailed information sent back to the client (i.e. no stack traces). In order to achieve this without extra […]

Consuming ODATA Services from LightSwitch with Impersonation

In case you are still using LightSwitch and are not entirely relying on its internal features, you might have started using ODATA services as LightSwitch data sources. This comes in especially handy when combined with the Microsoft Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) which lets you create decoupled components that can be easily plugged into your core […]

[NoBrainer] Use SSH Key on JetBrains TeamCity

Instead of entering the username and password for every VCS root registered on JetBrains TeamCity it’s better to register an SSH Key for the communication with the VCS (Version Control System). To enable communication between VCS and JetBrains TeamCity 9.1 first a SSH key has to be created. Create a SSH key A manual for […]

[HOWTO] Create and Publish C# NuGet package with JetBrains TeamCity

Todays blog post shows how to set up a build configuration on a JetBrains TeamCity 9.1 server that creates and publishes a NuGet package of a C#/.NET-Project. Build Configuration Setup The build configuration will be responsible to create (pack) a NuGet-package out of the specified dll files and publish it to To show the […]