[NoBrainer] Sending Gelf messages to Graylog2 via PowerShell

Bulk loading data into Graylog2

Recently I was testing Graylog2 as a store for metering data and had to bulk-load a larger amount of data into its database. My goal was to create synthetic and randomised metric information for a couple of virtual servers (5’000) over a period of one year at a sampling rate of 5s. This would make […]

Creating a docker image for WSO2 Complex Event Processor

WSO2 Complex Event Processor (CEP)

Introduction While working on a project for one of our customers I had to perform some testing that involved one of the WSO2 product family members, namely the Complex Event Processor (or CEP for short). While I already tested some of their products a while ago, I always did that on a Windows platform (for […]

Full example of an ODATA Controller for ActiveDirectory search operations with the LightSwitch HTML Client

Introduction First, thank you all for your feedback to my first post, regarding the Extending the LightSwitch HTML client with a cascading push menu. Today I will show you, how to use an ODATA v3 Controller for ActiveDirectory search operations within a LightSwitch application. For this I will use the sample A simple ODATA v3 […]

Promote a Linked Clone Virtual Machine to a Full Clone with PowerCli

Linked clone VirtualMachines share their base disks with their parent virtual machine. Only changes (delta) are stored in the childs virtual disks. These results in two major benefits: Fast Provisioning time Space savings   However, linked clones have some limitations: Diskspace cannot be adjusted Performance impact – Depending on storage cache The following PowerCLI snippets […]

[NoBrainer] How to easily pass parameters to a script in a PowerShell job

Today I had to pass a long list of parameters to a Cmdlet inside a PowerShell job. At first it looked like this, which seemed rather horrbile (i.e. unreadable) to me. There had to be a cleaner approach to this – and so it was … there are some samples around the Internet on how […]

Extending the LightSwitch HTML client with a cascading push menu

This article is about a project with the LightSwitch HTML Client and Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 and addresses a shortcoming in LightSwitch that it only provides very basic menu options (to say the least) … Introduction In one of our projects, we had the requirement to spice up the screens with a proper menu […]

Module: biz.dfch.PS.Ipam.Infoblox.Api

GENERAL This Microsoft PowerShell module contains Cmdlets to perform various base actions and utility/convenience functions against the Infoblox REST API (WAPI). You can download this module via GitHub at biz.dfch.PS.Ipam.Infoblox.Api or via NuGet with Install-Package biz.dfch.PS.Ipam.Infoblox.Api. DESCRIPTION This module uses Invoke-RestMethod internally. You can also use the functionality of the provided InfobloxApi.dll assembly that is […]

Validating JSON objects with PowerShell Advanced Function Parameters

PowerShell makes it really easy to convert JSON into (PSCustom) objects with the means of ConvertFrom-Json. But manually verifying every property after conversion is particular tedious and annoying work. Recently I wrote about Using typeful JSON Deserialisation and Validation in PowerShell. However, sometimes this is just not feasible as you might not have a C# […]

vCloud Director: Federation certificate expiration emails / Certificate regeneration troubles in large environments

Hi, this is Daniel and this is my first post about a small gotcha you might experience with VMware vCloud Director and the surprising resumé that there is no automated solution for fixing that. Since vCloud Director 5.1 it is possible to enable your organization to use an SAML Identity provider. And even if you […]

[NoBrainer] PowerShell modules, digital signatures, nuspec files and packages automated

As announced a couple of days ago we started pushing some of our PowerShell modules to GitHub and NuGet. And soon it became obvious that keeping all the scripts, signatures, versions and packages in sync was some tedious and error-prone work. This should definitely be automated, you might instantly think – and right you are! […]