[NoBrainer] Create C# extension methods via Add-Type and Update-TypeData in PowerShell

[Note] This is a rather old article from 2014. The world and PowerShell have changed. For an even easier way than presented here see the comment at the bottom of the article. In this post I present a quick refresher on how to make C# extension methods available to objects and classes in PowerShell sessions. […]

Module: biz.dfch.PS.Cumulus.VI

This is Microsoft PowerShell module is part of our Apache 2.0 based open source automation framework “Cumulus”. You will find all related posts via the “Cumulus” tag. You can use this module to perform operations against VMware vCenter infrastructure (the module makes use and abstracts VMware’s supplied PowerShell PowerCLI snapin). You can download the module […]

Module: biz.dfch.PS.Sccm.Utilities

This is Microsoft PowerShell module is part of our Apache 2.0 based open source automation framework “Cumulus”. You will find all related posts via the “Cumulus” tag. You can use this module to perform provisioning against SCCM 2012 infrastructure (the module makes use and abstracts Microsoft’s supplied PowerShell module ‘ConfigurationManager’). You can download the module […]

[Bug] PowerShell Scripts in ScriptsToProcess attribute appear as loaded modules

Microsoft PowerShell module manifests allow you to define scripts that are run prior to actual loading of the module itself. These scripts run in the caller’s scope (and not in the module’s scope) and can be defined by stating them in the ‘ScriptsToProcess’ attribute of the manifest. However, each of these scripts will appear as […]

Module: biz.dfch.PS.RabbitMQ.Utilities

This Microsoft PowerShell module contains Cmdlets to work with RabbitMQ queues, send and receive messages. It uses a wrapper I earlier presented that solved the problem of loading the official RabbitMQ .NET client into a PowerShell session. These Cmdlets further facilitate the handling of sending and receiving of messages via AMQP queues. You can download […]

[Bug] PowerShell HelpUri and inline help not working as expected

[UPDATE 2014-12-01] An update to this issue. It seem that this only appears PowerShell v3 and not in PowerShell v4 any more. When we create our Cmdlets we often supply a link to an Internet resource where we can put updated or more extensive help information. We normally do this in addition to providing some […]

[Trivia] We are on NuGet!

Today we published our first package to NuGet! You can find it here: biz.dfch.PS.Cumulus.Utilities. This is the package for the basic PowerShell module needed to interact with our Cumulus automation framework, which you can use for all sorts of (PowerShell based) infrastructure automation. So what does that mean? You might have noticed that we started […]

[NoBrainer] Help and Get-Help are not the same in PowerShell

This one bit me, when trying to convert the inline help of a PowerShell cmdlet into some markdown enriched code for Github. For the PowerShell modules and Cmdlet we publish at github we sometimes use the integrated Wiki pages from Github to have some documentation on their use. We often also extract the full inline […]

[Bug] Class Library Service Reference for ODATA service does not handle return type from CRUD operations

Recently I observed a strange behavior when working with an ODATA service via a “System.Data.Services.Client.DataServiceContext” that was wrapped inside a class library (via a regular “Service Reference”). The specific ODATA service in question was an Entity Framework v4.1 based service and had defined two different entity sets (“Objects” and “Tasks”) along with its regular CRUD […]

Using LightSwitch with EntityFramework 6 and CodeFirst based ODATA Controllers

Enhancing LightSwitch applications with additional ODATA or WebAPI controllers is a pretty common task. However when you try to build a CodeFirst based controller in combination with EntityFramework 6, you will run into a lot of errors by default. Here are the steps to get this cleared and running: 1. Create a Visual Studio LightSwitch […]