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Month: October 2014

PowerShell 1

Module: biz.dfch.PS.System.Data

This module provides Cmdlets that let you work with Microsoft SQL Server database (regular and LocalDB) by utilising System.Data.SqlClient (instead of relying on the buggy ‘SqlServerCmdletSnapin100’ snapin and its ‘Invoke-Sqlcmd’ implementation. You can set a ‘DefaultPrefix’ or an alias to call it the same as the Microsoft SQL Server supplied ‘Invoke-Sqlcmd’. Furthermore you can work with LocalDB instances (as used […]

PowerShell 0

Module: biz.dfch.PS.System.Utilities

UPDATE 2015-03-15 we just released v1.0.5 which contains a few new Cmdlets such as Sending SMS to Clickatell via PowerShell. We are currently working on an automation project where we make use of several of our modules that we created in the past. In order to ease integration into the customer’s code and provide a legal basis for re-using the […]

PowerShell 0

[Bug] Start-Job from Scheduled Task fails with event id 8197 when invoked via different Credential Set

[UPDATE 2014-10-21] the code and the assembly are now available under Apache 2.0 license on GitHub at [UPDATE 2014-12-10] see below for further details on this issue and a workaround to this that does not need PSRemoting Recently I observed a strange bug that occured when trying to invoke a PowerShell job via the Windows Task Scheduler. In my […]