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Month: September 2014

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[NoBrainer] More Fun with ODATA Actions in PowerShell

I recently wrote on how you can call ODATA actions via PowerShell. However, sometimes these actions return entity types that you cannot resolve easily in PowerShell. Normally you would resort to “Execute()”, but this is neither easily doable in PowerShell. But as most usual there is another way around this. Instead of using “Execute()” to retrieve the data you rely […]

PowerShell 1

Receiving SignalR messages from PowerShell

A couple of days ago I wrote about how to use RabbitMQ with AMQP from PowerShell (via a small assembly that utilized the original C# .NET Client). After I implemented it in the use case for our customer I somehow felt it to be “too heavy” for what I was really using it (compared to all the features AMQP has to […]