HTTP 406 when mixing WebAPI RouteTable.Routes.MapHttpRoute and HttpConfiguration.Routes.MapODataRoute

[UPDATE] 2014-11-28 Jerther sent me a comment (see below) on how he solved this issue! So how did he do it? The short answer is, that you have to include special registration code inside the ‘Application_Start()’ and other places where the order on how you code it plays a crucial role. Check out his post […]

Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.Client 5.2.0 not compatible with LightSwitch Silverlight Client

When trying to add the current “Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.OData” to a LightSwitch project I got the following error message: We are not using Silverlight in our application, only the HTML client – except when doing user and role administration … As a matter of fact we only need the package on the server layer anyway. So the […]

WebAPI ODATA v3 can only generate uni-directional associations

This will be a quick post about WebAPI and ODATA controllers, and a strange “bug” or behaviour I found. I was not aware of this, so maybe it is also of some interest for you. When you create an ODATA service via WebAPI and want to connect two or more entity sets via a relation […]

[NoBrainer] Using Graylog2 REST API via PowerShell

Graylog2 api-browser

Graylog2 comes with a very limited alerting feature where you can basically only create alerts based on a single field. However, and thus far I can follow the motivation of the developers, nearly every larger company already has some kind of alerting solution in place, so why the bother to duplicate some functionality that would […]

Logging to Graylog2 using Gelf4Net via Powershell

Graylog2 is a powerful and scalable open source log management and data analytics system on top of elasticsearch. Since our logging module is based on log4net, the integration of Graylog2 as log destination is very easy thanks to the available gelf4net adapter. The gelf4net project provides a log4net adapter that formats logs to the GELF […]

HOWTO: Create a LightSwitch compatible OData REST Web API Endpoint without EntityFramework

LightSwitch can consume ODATA data source that you can use to gain more flexibility than using the internal data sources that also generate ODATA REST endpoints. Microsoft Web API provides an easy way on how to generate these endpoints. In this post I quickly describe the steps you need to take to actually create an […]