LightSwitch: Modifying roles, permissions and users via PowerShell

Using the built-in RBAC feature of LightSwitch is really cool and easy to use until you have to assign all of your application defined permissions to roles and users. This is usually where the Administration DesktopClient does not scale too well… But of course there is help: and it is especially easy, when you utilize […]

HttpClient and how to use Headers, Content-Type and PostAsync

As you might have already heard and tried out with .NET 4.5 (or so) Microsoft blessed us with a new and shiny HttpClient that should be easier to use, support async programming and (that’s best) finally allow the user to set any headers without reverting to some workaround code (cf. WebClient and its underlying classes). […]

Being serious about the command table pattern – and adding security to it

Reading Paul’s article Being serious about the Command Table Pattern definitely helped me on a tricky problem I had to solve for a customer. However when you really make heavy use of that you will notice that you now have only reduced security features available. For example, when you want selected users to only read […]