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Month: January 2014

PowerShell 1

[NoBrainer] Convert IP address string into an [IPAddress] compatible constructor string

When you try to convert an ip address string into an [IPAddress] object you might end up with a different address than expected. This can happen if you use the ‘leading zero’ notation for IPv4 addresse (which is not really correct, but easier to sort alphabetically). When you create an [IPAddress] with that kind address style, the constructor does internally […]

PowerShell 0

Create vCAC ManagementModelEntites objects from ODATA REST call with PowerShell

As quickly described in a previous post, the ‘AddQueryOption()’ in the vCAC WCF DataService is flawed and does not allow you to narrow queries and thus leads to massive performance penalties when working with larger installations. However, there is a workaround for this: you can use native ODATA REST calls and convert the result into a native .NET vCAC ManagementModelEntities […]

vCloud Automation Center 0

vCAC 5.2 Hotfix 5 fails to install correctly on a machine without Model Manager Data directory

When you install vCAC 5.2 Hotfix 5 you certainly have to install this on all componentens and systems running any piece of vCAC software. However, there is a scenario when this is not enough, or you have to do some manual adjustments. You will remember, that when you first installed vCAC 5.2, you had to ‘install’ the ‘Model Manager Data’ […]

vCloud Automation Center 2

vCAC 5.2 Hotfix 5 Available

vCAC 5.2 Hotfix 5 is available. This hotfix addresses a lot of issues that were unfortunately introduced with hotfix 4. So it might be a good invest testing it to see if things are gone… A backup of your infrastructure prior installing it is highly recommended as a restore is not really possible. So you best test it thoroughly in […]