vCloud Director (vCD) allocates DistributedVirtualPorts from a DistributedVirtualPortGroup in a non-sequential order

When you have a DistributedVirtualPortGroup in vCenter (vC) with a fixed number of VirtualPorts of 10 and you set that DistributedVirtualPortGroup to “non-expanding” you will get an error with vCloud Director (vCD) when you try to allocate more than one (1) DistributedVirtualPort. However, when you look at the DVS DistributedVirtualPortGroup you find enough available DVS […]

Cannot create blueprint in vCenter Automation Center (vCAC) 5.1 when you have no networks defined

When you try to add a “Global Blueprint” in vCenter Automation Center (vCAC) 5.1 for an Organisation VCD (OvDC) in a vCloud Director (vCD) endpoint you cannot save your settings if you have no Organisation Networks (OrgNetwork) defined. As the selection of a network (and a storage path) is mandatory input and the selection list for […]

Get-CiVm CmdLet is much slower than the direct underlying REST calls

Using PowerCLI for fun and profit in general is a great thing to do – in general… However, in certain cases PowerCLIs implementation is much slower than using the underlying REST calls directly. This is especially true when using Get-CiVm to get information about a vCloud Director (vCD) virtual machine. Consider the following fragment: This […]