PowerCLI Search-Cloud reports wrong data on QueryType ‘ProviderVdc’

Recently I quickly mentioned the universal PowerCLI applet Search-Cloud that can be used when dealing with vCloud Director. Howevery it seems you have to verify its output when using it to query Provider Vdc parameters. The output mixes the “allocation” and “used” counters for CPU, Memory and Storage as you can see in the example […]

vCenter Orchestrator does not start with “java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space” error

Today I want to share a funny experience we had with a clean vCO 5.1 install … Having a freshly installed vCenter 5.1 with an integrated installation of vCO upon first startup the vCO Service did not start and took (15!) minutes to finally reach a state where it was between starting and stopping. The […]

Use PowerCLI for vCloud Director (vCD) and direct REST calls from within the same login session

With PowerCLI’s ConnectCI-Server CmdLet it is pretty easy to login to a vCD host. And for most of the time the supplied CmdLets are sufficient enough to solve the problems we deal with it daily. However, sometimes we would like to make specific REST calls to vCD directly (for example when the Searc-Cloud CmdLet is […]

Access UNC Shares from VCO

In certain cases you might want to access a UNC share from a VCO instance. This is especially true when you have a mainly Windows based environment with more than one VCO instance. In addition it comes in handy when you implement the VCO Powershell Bridge I presented earlier. First you have to run the […]